Bedtime With Puritans and Wild Things

The New York Times. By Edward Rothstein - June 20, 2013. The great green room and the purple crayon are here; so are the wild things and the poky puppy, Charlotte’s web and Alice’s wonderland, the very hungry caterpillar and the stinky cheese man.

A Wrinkle in Her Story

The Wall Street Journal. By James Kennedy - January 11, 2013. As a kid, all I knew about my favorite authors were their names. "Isaac Asimov" sounded to me like a forbidding cyborg; "Ray Bradbury" could have been any boy in my neighborhood.

Confessions of a Former Child

The New York Times. By Rebecca Pepper Sinkler - March 22, 1998. Ursula Nordstrom was arguably the greatest editor of American children's books in this century -- a Maxwell Perkins for the Tot Department, as she called her bailiwick at Harper & Row.

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