Old Books, Young Readers

In a recent blog post, artist/author/publisher Sallie Lowenstein turns her attention to the long roster of books for children and teens that have made “good trouble” by upping the ante of daring, honesty, and innovation. Read her post here.

Censorship Past, Present, and Future

In this blog post, Leonard writes about what he learned from interviewing 13 writers for children and teens whose books have touched a cultural nerve: You Can’t Say That: Who Should Censor Our Children’s Reading? by Leonard S. Marcus | Nerdy Book Club As a historian and critic, I realized long [...]

2021 Carle Honors

Mark your calendar for this year’s virtual Carle Honors celebration on Thursday, September 23rd. A good time will be had by all as we raise a glass to another stellar group of honorees. Read the article here.

Speaking of Censorship…

Coming this July from Candlewick Press, Leonard’s next book, You Can’t Say That! Writers for Young People Talk about Censorship, Free Expression, and the Stories They Have to Tell, was recently featured in Publishers Weekly. Read the article here.

The Librarian of Congress speaks!

Not long after the pandemic began and talking heads with impressive bookshelf backdrops became a staple of our television viewing, the New York Times decided to take a closer look at the books themselves and asked several well-known figures to name three of their favorites. Among the famous [...]

The magazine Chinese parents are reading

This year, Leonard became a columnist for the Chinese monthly Meng (or “Dream”). Spurred onby the hope that China’s rising generation will play an important role on the world stage, China’sburgeoning middle-class has embraced childhood literacy as an essential skill and [...]

News (and Laughs) from Down Under

How lovely to be read by Australian children’s book author Michelle Cooper. In a recent Memoranda blog post, she comments from half a world away on Leonard’s collection of conversations with (mostly American) humor writers for young readers, Funny Business.

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